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Need Ride to Monterey OR Riders to Share Gas

#68773 3 years ago
Hey, family, my boyfriend and I have a van, but that thing EATS gas at an unreasonable rate, so we can't afford to pay the gas ourselves to get from Vegas to Monterey. We have two options we're considering: 1 find someone who can drive us there and we can split gas money; or 2 find some good family who needs a ride and can help pitch in on our gas. Sorry, this van EATS gas like you wouldn't believe, so we can't accept trades, we need help getting gas or this van isn't moving anywhere.

We're in Arizona right now, but it's very close to Vegas where the last show was and we can get a reasonable distance if it would be close to somewhere you could give us a ride to Monterey. So, if you have a car and are planning to hit Monterey, hit me up. If you are close to Vegas/Arizona and can pitch in on gas, hit me up.
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Re: Need Ride to Monterey OR Riders to Share Gas

#69647 3 years ago
Are you headed to Monterey?
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